August 2015

Bonus Content – CrAshley Madison


S1Ep3 – Soft as Baby Sh*t

Bonus Content – Playlist Playoff – Round 2

#NewEpisodeAlert: Episode 2: “frostin’ cookies” … Listen now!

Bonus Content 1- Playlist Playoff

The Misadventures of the Two Dudes – Season 1, Episode 1

1st Episode Coming Tomorrow!  

Our first episode is dropping tomorrow on soundcloud. Check it out at The Two Dudes Podcast 


New Podcast Alert


Welcome to the Misadvendtures of the 2 dudes. Just a glimpse into the sick twisted way that shit is in the world and how we apply our logic to it. This Podcast will be about everything from some real life shit including family, current events, and just every day experiences. 


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